The Southern Chill, Part 1
Report by Anya Zaryova
(2 March 2012; 600 XP; 2000 gp [500 gp per person])

A rather large number of refugees had been finding their way into Mist Veil over the past few days, trying to escape the unnaturally cold weather to the south. The locals did what they could to accomodate these new arrivals, but it was clear to Costable Dunham that a better long-term solution was necessary. He gathered a group of volunteers to accompany him and his men to investigate the goings-on down south. Tristan Swansong, Rogarth Deepwell, Celeste Ravensdale, and I opted to join.

As we moved south, the weather did indeed seem unnaturally cold for this time of the year. Along the way we were ambushed by a small group of kobolds, but quickly they were quickly dealth with. With the help of some of the refugee halflings, we managed to find the town, which was now empty. We decided to spend the night in the town and continue our investigation in the morning.

After waking, we set out into the forrest, which seemed to have a definite, yet not entirely identifiable, magical aura to it. We encountered another group of kobolds, and suffered only minor injuries. Deeper in the forrest we came upon a mysterious box with a magical aura. The box was surrounded by frozen kobolds. Investigation of the box showed that upon opening, those viewing the contents would become entranced and unable to act. We buried the box beneath a tree until so we could figure out a more permanant solution. At ths point, we decided to rest again for the night.

Rogarth set up some bear traps along the perimeter of our camp, in case more kobolds tried to find us in the night. They did, but the traps did thier job and the night passed without much incident.



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