Report by Anya Zaryova
(24 February 2012; 1000 XP; 500 gp [100 gp per person])

I was having dinner in The Tipsy Dragon, when Constable Dunham and his men came in and spoke briefly with Tristan Swansong (bartender and priest of Cayden Cailean), as well as Paladin Dhayv Proudstone, and the good-hearted (if occasionally unstable) Rogarth Deepwell. As Tristan later related to me, the town guard had noticed evidence of an owlbear in the forest surrounding Mist Veil, and were looking for volunteers to assist with the search. Though not very skilled in combat, I decided to join the search in the role of healer in the very likely case that a violent confrontation would ensue.

We gathered again at The Tipsy Dragon the next morning before dawn, and set out into the forest. Tristan had also enlisted the aid of Celeste Ravensdale, a Bard of notable talent. We eventually split into groups in order to cover more ground, with most of the town guard going off on their own or in small teams, while Tristan, Dhayv, Rogarth, Celeste, and I formed the largest team, as our strength in numbers would make up for a lack of specific experience.

Despite Rogarth’s skill as a tracker, the owlbear remained elusive. He eventually found some evidence of owlbear activity, so we left our horses behind and proceeded on foot. Eventually, we noticed the carcass of a recently killed goat. Rather soon after, we noticed the owlbear. I managed to use Burning Hands to damage it quickly, before focusing on keeping my allies healed as they traded blows with the beast. We hadn’t even killed the first one when a second owlbear came upon us, but we were able to dispatch them both quickly. Dhayv signaled for the city guards, and Constable Dunham congratulated us and rewarded our efforts. We were dismissed back to town for celebration, while the city guards picked up the trail in an effort to find the lair of the beasts and ensure their complete destruction.

Our trip caught a bit of a snag when we came to where we left our horses and found that they were no longer there. After considerable searching, we were still unable to find them, so Rogarth decided to search for some lunch instead. He happened upon the tracks of one of those giant lizards the dwarves sometimes ride, so we set out to hunt it. The lizard turned out to be a basilisk, as Tristan discovered by being turned to stone. It was swiftly dealt with, but we now had a statue of what was once our friend. Rogarth noticed that the basilisk’s blood had returned a stone squirrel to a flesh-and-blood squirrel, and Celeste was able to restore Tristan back to his normal form.

Once more Dhayv signaled for the guards, and once more the guards arrived quickly. As luck would have it, they also found our wayward horses and we were able to return to town to celebrate. Later that evening, Constable Dunham returned with his men, victorious in their task of clearing the owlbear lair.

Thus, the city was once again safe.



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