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With this page I hope to answer most of the questions about the local culture and what have you.

The Humans

The humans of Mist-Veil span about 5-6 generations back. They are a hardy bunch that (with rare exception) don’t grumble when there’s hard work to be done. Most of the population are farmers and ranchers. A few of the larger families include Ravensdale, Clayworth, Durham, Ward, and Weber. Wheat, Barley, and Tobacco are their three main crops; Goats and Sheep are their primary livestock. (DM Note: Think English/Germanic)


Halfings by nature are nomads, and the troupe that resides within Mist-veil arrived about 50 years back. Only about 20 members of the original band settled down while the rest of the group continued their trek. Halfing philosophy is to spread cultural beliefs until we are all one society; as such, their own cultural identity is a hodgepodge of everywhere they visit. Often they themselves no longer remember where a certain belief/methodology/item/phrase originates. The Halflings of Mist-veil brought with them Rice, Tea, and several exotic spices. They cultivate a few rice patties south of the village. Most halfling names are long, adding new names from any place they visit. They are generally well liked and integrated into the community. (DM Note: think gypsy mindset without the negative perception from without)


The local Dwarves are members of the Cold Rock Mines which lies across the lake under the mountain surface. At any time there is around 50 dwarves residing outside of the Mines, most are merchants handling the imports and exports of the Hold. A very few are considered part of Mist-veil instead. The most prominent being Hagart the Mad, a dwarven alchemist, who has voluntarily moved/been banished from the Hold for the sake of his experiments. A few of the prominent clans include Goldenbeard (Bankers/ the “Nobles” that lead the Hold), Deepwell (Explorers/ Miners), Stoneheart (a mercenary clan, the majority of this clan is made of outcasts from other clans; they will take any dwarf also as they swear fealty to Stoneheart and forsake all other ties), and Proudstone (though the smallest of the clans at Cold Rock, they are the oldest and most honorable; they are rarely seen outside of the Hold). As to be expected the Dwarves main exports are metals: mostly Iron, some Silver, Gold, and Platinum (Cold Rock is rather rich), and a few rare veins of Adamantine. The Hold is the largest consumer of Mist-veils commodities and the two communities live rather harmoniously.


At the time of Mist-veil’s founding a small group of six Elves came from a distant Elven city for reasons unknown to settle among the Humans. They helped build the town square as well as help establish the farms, never asking for anything in return. They grew orchards lush with apples and grapes and citrus, coaxing growth despite climates that were unsuitable for some. Over time couplings with some of the Humans produced the Half-Elves of Mist-veil, and eventually a sub-community grew. Unfortunately all but two of the Elves are gone. A brother, Liadro Silveroak, and sister, Avera Silveroak, are all that remain.


Unlike the Halflings who actively mix into the community, the Half-elves hold themselves partially apart. That is not to say that they are unliked or that in turn dislike others, they
just live like a tight knit family (which they mostly are). With the Elven population down to two, the Half-elf’s have assumed care of the orchards, though they also have several members among the constabulary.

Local 1

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