The Gods

Universal Gods

These are the high gods, the ones that transcend race, though they are not necessarily more powerful than their peers among the specific pantheons.

Boccob – God of Magic (N) – Known as The Uncaring, Boccob is one of the most powerful yet apathetic gods. He knows every spell that has or ever will exist and has a copy of every magic item within his legendary Library. His Domains include Magic, Rune, Knowledge, Trickery. Power level: Greater

Obad-hai – God of Nature (N) – The Green Man rules over all of the natural world though there are other deities that claim smaller regions. His Domains include Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Heart Plant, and Animal. Power level: Greater

Olidammara – God of Chaos (CN) – The Laughing Rogue is the patron of not only thieves and cut-purses but of anyone who favors chance or appreciates a good prank. In recent years Cayden Cailean has started to supplant him in worship but for the two deities this is just grounds for a “prank war”; of course what that entitles between two gods is unclear. Olidammara’s domains include Chaos, Trickery, and Luck. Power level: Intermediate

Abadar – God of Order (LN) – Known as the Judge of the Gods, Abadar is the epitome of Law. He strives to raise underdeveloped races to the peaks of civilization. His Domains include Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel. Power level: Greater

Azmodeus – God of Tyrany (LE) –
Sarenrae – Goddess of the Sun (NG)

Human Gods

st. Cuthbert – God of Retribution (LN)
Cayden Cailean – God of Luck (CG)
Vecna – God of Secrets (NE)
Iomedae – God of Justice (LG)
Irori – God of Knowledge (LN)
Gorum – God of Battle (CN)

Elven Gods

Corellon – God of the Elves (CG)
Ehlonna – Goddess of the Woods (NG)
Sehanine Moonbow – Goddess of the Moons (CG)
Shelyn – Goddess of Beauty (NG)
Lolth – Goddess of the Drow (CE)

Dwarf Gods

Moradin – God of the Dwarves (LG)
Kols – God of Oaths (LN)
Berronar Truesilver – Goddess of the Hearth (LG)
Droskar – God of the Duergar (LE)

Other Gods

Yondalla – Goddess of the Halflings (NG)
Garl Glittergold – God of the Gnomes (CG)
Gruumsh – God of the Orcs (CE)
Lamashtu – Goddess of the Monsters (CE)

The Gods

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